Redecision Therapy



Redecision is a dynamic therapy that helps clients separate reality from myth about self and others. The power of the client to take personal responsibility to change is emphasized. Within a nurturing, protective environment clients are invited to co-create a change contract that maintains their autonomy while focusing on strengths. The therapist acts as witness as the client decides the beliefs, emotions, and behaviors they want to change.

I have been practicing this powerful model of therapy since 1985 and spent 5 years in training with the originators, Robert Goulding, MD and Mary McClure Goulding, MSW, to enhance my skills. I have been teaching this dynamic model of therapy since 1990 as I continue to witness the rapid change that is possible.

The person knows what he or she wants to change, goes back to a childhood scene that explains the change they want to make, usually goes back as Adapted Child, feeling the feelings of the past, the helplessness of the past, the early decisions of the past, and then, within that scene, in the Free Child makes a change in thinking, feeling or doing, and then goes out in the world and practices the new way of being.  — Mary Goulding    


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