In my private practice, I work with all age groups and with a variety of mental, emotional, and behavioral issues.

Anxiety/Panic Disorders

Anxiety is a basic emotion, a fundamental response to threat; the brain’s alarm system. Treatment is important when anxiety interferes with day to day functioning and there is persistent distress.

I specialize in treating anxiety and panic disorders without medication. The treatment evolves regular sessions utilizing cognitive behavioral techniques, guided imagery, focused expressive psychotherapy, and homework focused on the therapy goals.


Depression is an affective disorder with specific characteristics that can be observed and complaints reported by clients. Depression can impair a person’s ability to function in all areas of life. People with depression often experience despair, hopelessness, worthlessness, and even thoughts of committing suicide.

Medication can be helpful and focused expressive psychotherapy is vital to effective treatment as it provides a place to address the issues that impact depression.


Trauma can take many forms. In general, trauma is an event or ordeal that a person has experienced, witnessed, or learned about, specifically one that is life-threatening or causes physical harm. The experience causes that person to feel intense fear, horror or a sense of helplessness. Research suggests that prolonged trauma may disrupt and alter brain chemistry which can lead to PTSD for some people.

Individuals who have experienced trauma find relief when they can reduce reactivity through guided imagery as well as the opportunity to address the trauma by “telling their story” in a safe environment.


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